Business Model

Forrester Research indicates that 10-30% of e-commerce site revenue comes from product/service recommendations made by the retailer.

According to Fortune magazine, although the industry leader of the Upsell Market keeps very tight control over its financial data, its CEO let it slip that a massive 35% of sales of this big aggregator company were a direct result of upsells and cross-sells!

Once a product or service has left a retailer, there is no direct way for the original manufacturer or retailer to interact digitally with the consumer and vice versa. UpSell Direct’s GoForIt™ changes that by crossing the digital/physical divide and creating a new digital touch point to upsell and cross-sell your customers.

UpSell Direct commissioned the ipCapital Group to conduct an online study to focus both retail targets & consumer sentiments about the use of NFC tags in e-commerce. The majority of participants responded favorably on the benefits of tapping GoForIt™ tags.

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Disruptive Innovative Business Methods to Boost Sales

Our disruptive business methods substantially increase your sales.

  • Keep Selling After Your Product or Service has Left Your Store
  • Increase Sales After Shipment
  • Generate Future Sales from Completed Services or Past Products Sold or Shipped
  • New Sources of Sales as you Partner with Related Industry Products and Services

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