Generate New Revenues and Increase Sales by placing UpSell Direct’s GoForIt™ tags on consumer branded products, services and advertising.

GoForIt™ tags easily allow you to personalize and customize your product, service and advertising offering to each individual consumer.

GoForIt™ tags enable a new, fun and an unparalleled customer experience. GoForIt™ tags are specifically designed for the key micro-moment during the unboxing experience. By simply tapping a cell phone over a GoForIt™ tag or a GoForIt™ Card, the consumer immediately accesses targeted related products, services and advertising from all their preferred vendors and Brand name companies.

Use all six GoForIt™ Products for Maximum Revenue Generation.

Include your product GoForiTag directly on the product itself.




GoForItTM Tags for your Product

Include your Product GoForIt™ tag directly on the product itself. Your customer and all who see and want to learn about related products can easily tap the GoForIt™ tag and automatically purchase related products at any time, immediately or in the future.



GoForItTM Tags for Your Package

Embed, affix, or print your Product GoForIt™ tag directly on the shipped package. Your customer and others can automatically buy related products whenever and wherever your product’s package is received by easily tapping our GoForIt™ tag.


GoForItTM Tags in an Insert

Enable future purchases of your Products by including a GoForIt™ tag on an Insert directly inside each package.



GoForItTM Tags for Services

Are you a Service Provider in one of these industries? (Pharmaceutical, Financial, Insurance, Real Estate, Travel, Car Rental, Food, Health Care, Education, Home Services, etc). Have you sent a Service Offering to your Customer or completed one? Great! Affix a GoForIt™ tag on an insert with your bill or leave it at the job site to upsell other services your consumer may be interested in and realize new sources of income.


GoForItTM Tags for Advertising

Follow up on a Product shipped or a Service completed with an Advertising Envelope and Insert or Other Media containing a GoForIt™ tag with a Targeted Personalized Message for related products and services to increase your revenue.




Your customer receives a credit card size GoForIt™ Card in the package of your product or as a follow-up. Your customer can keep their favorite GoForIt™ Cards with them at all times enabling them to purchase your products at their convenience.