Generate new Revenues and Increase Sales by placing UpSell Direct’s Go4tags™ on consumer branded products.

Go4tags™ easily allows you to personalize and customize your product’s offering to each individual consumer.

Go4tags™ enables a new, fun and an unparalleled customer experience. By hovering their cell phone over a Go4tags™ or a Go4chip™ Card, the consumer can immediately have access to related products from all their preferred vendors and Brand name companies.

Use all 4 Go4tags™ Products for Maximum Revenue Generation.


Go4tagsTM for your Product

Include your Product Go4tags™ directly on the product itself. Your customer and all who see and want to learn about related products can easily scan the Go4tags™ and automatically purchase related products at any time, immediately or in the future.


Go4tagsTM for Your Package

Embed, affix, or print your Product Go4tags™ directly on the shipped package. Your customer and others can automatically buy related products whenever and wherever your product’s package is received by quickly scanning our Go4tags.


Go4tagsTM in an Insert

Enable future purchases of your products by including Go4tags™ Insert directly inside each package.


Go4chipTM CARD

Your customer receives a credit card size Go4chip™ Card containing a Go4tag in the package of your product. Your customer can keep their favorite Go4chip™ Cards with them at all times enabling them to purchase your products at their convenience.